Tregg makes digital products more human.

I’m a Product Designer based in Denver, Colorado working on accessibility tools at Stark. Previously, I designed a mental health app at Able, I helped people build confidence with straighter teeth at Candid, and I designed products that enable financial health at JP Morgan Chase & Co.

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Candid: Mobile app for in-treatment patients

Product Designer • July 2019—Present
The Candid experience doesn't end upon receiving your clear aligners. How might we enable customers to track their treatment, and get answers to their questions?
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JP Morgan Chase: Automatically saving towards goals

Product Designer • June 2018—June 2019
How might we enable everyday people to build an emergency fund? Created products that enable financial well-being for everyday people. Taking real customer insights, turning them into concepts, validating them, and delivering MVP.
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Mitigating the spread of misinformation on social media

2018 Thesis Project

Created January—May 2018
How might the application of user experience design processes be leveraged in mitigating social media users’ consumption of misinformation?
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Alexa enabled smart camera and connected experience

Personal Project

Created March—April 2017
How might we minimize the friction between a photographer's creative vision and the final product?
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