The Color Factory 2018

I'm Tregg!

I used to be in a metal band 🤘, I've built Magic the Gathering decks that have been banned from casual play with my friends for being too good, and I'm a huge art and design history nerd with an affinity for Modernism and Baroque & Rococo art.

I taught myself HTMl & CSS in 5th grade and have been making things on the internet ever since.

I like watching standup comedy specials on Netflix, making art, playing guitar, being average at video games (PSN = Treggify), traveling the world, and rewatching The Office non-stop.

The more "design forward" bio:

🤘I design digital products to be more human and empathetic. I work holistically; from product thinking, UX and UX research, all the way to UI, interaction design, and design systems.

🧠 I specialize in humanizing emerging technologies. Past examples include multimodality, AI, voice user interfaces (VUI), VR, IoT (concept only) and more.

🦄 While I’m not a true hybrid, I’ve deployed with git a few times in my day.

👨🏻‍💻 I work on side projects indie hackers style and love taking on work that’s outside of my day to day. Recent launch:

🔭 I love complex and large scale problems.
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Me making a funny face and my wife