So, you want to know more.

I'm just a guy married to an amazing woman, armed with a laptop and too many design books.

About me

I used to be in a serious metal 🤘 band, I've built Magic the Gathering decks that have been banned from casual play with my friends for being too good, and I'm a huge art and design history nerd with an affinity for Mid-century Modernism and Baroque & Rococo art.

After learning HTML and CSS while playing Neopets, I fell in love with design. I would buy Computer Arts magazine and dream of the days of being a web designer. It's been in my blood ever since.

Other things I enjoy

Standup comedy specials on Netflix, making art, playing guitar, playing video games (PSN = Treggify), traveling the world, rewatching The Office non-stop, critiquing Christmas Lights, and watching Youtube videos.

Keep rockin'. 🤘

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