Project summary

I was the sole product designer for about 8 months, working with a lean team of researchers, design strategists, product managers, engineers, and platform teams. I then transitioned the project to the designers who delivered the final UI spec for delivery.

September 2018 — June 2019

A suite of tools that enable everyday people to take control and understand their finances, while building healthy habits automatically. For the MVP version, we started with autosaving towards goals, and calculating safety net amounts.

Most people don't save enough money. It's a moral imperative at a financial institution to care about your customer's financial health, and it's also just good business. This tool allows people to understand and calculate what their savings should be and quantify a path towards saving that amount. People want guidance from their bank, and this tool provides that while allowing them to automate good habits.

All images showing process are subject to anti-trust laws. They are confidential and not in my possession. Every screen pictured here is public in the Chase mobile app.

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